2004 Yosemite Run
Family Jeeping since 1957

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April 17 & 18, 2004

Arriving Friday afternoon, we found Richard already setup.
Jim and Vicki soon had their tents and family set up.
Keith and Stephanie arrived with their son and daughter and setup their camp.
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We woke up to a fresh cover of snow on the ground from Friday night's storm.
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While some of us braved the cold in tents and sleeping bags,
here is where our Outdoors Director and trip Jeep Master spent Friday night.
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Chris showed up Saturday morning to inform us that the Park Rangers are requiring everyone to have chains to go into the parking.
Including 4 wheel drive Jeeps.

Since we left early we had time to stop at the "Rim of the World"
A very picturesque view of the canyon and Tuolume River.
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